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Showroom Milano

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170 m²


In step with the completion of the outer building, architect Morini has designed the interiors, working in close contact with the place into which the interior itself was to be fitted. Hence the decision to rethink the widespread use of metal sections inside the building which on the outside had taken on the shape of clean and regular lines.

- The same sobriety emerges from the meditated decision to create and split up the interiors on the basis of five rectangular lots delimited by visually-exposed iron joists; the philosophy is that of a sober design able to find its elements of identification in simple shapes and in the immediacy of communication defined by the latter.
- Out of the five lofts a resin path is created which on the one hand becomes a boardwalk for shows and on the other a real construction and structural system.


    Stock room
    Internet & WIFI
    Air conditioning
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