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Pop-Up Solférino

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45 m²


This very charming space is located in the heart of the city of Lille, more precisely in the Lille-Centre district. Very easy to access and located in a busy and commercial area of the city, this place was originally a tea room.

Warm and colourful, this space is ideal to receive your product launches, exhibitions of artistic or textile creations.

Two offers are available to tenants:

For 180€/day: The tenants have the majority of the sales area, and agree to share the space with the owner of the space by allowing her to practice "Click and Collect" (sale of hot drinks, pastries, sweets,...).

For 415€/day, the entire space is made available to the tenants.

Furniture is available to the tenants if necessary, the place also has a kitchen and a counter.

Do not hesitate to ask for a personalized quote.


    Stock room
    Window display
    Internet & WIFI
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