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Espace Saint-Jean of Villeurbanne

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500 m²


This beautiful space is located in the city of Villeurbanne, in the district of Saint-Jean.

This one has a surface of 500m2 with a very beautiful height under ceiling, as well as a big front window.

The space is easily accessible by car from Lyon, and is close to a parking lot.

500 parking spaces are available, as well as a reception/meeting room of 150m2 that can be made available. Finally, the space also has a very large terrace of 200m2, which can be ideal and complementary with your event.

This place is ideal for plant sales, exhibitions of designer products or trade shows.

The space is available for one day rental.

Do not hesitate to ask for a personalized quote!


    Stock room
    Window display
    Internet & WIFI
    Air conditioning
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