Vous souhaitez personnaliser votre espace éphémère ? c'est par ici



Vous avez besoin d'aide pour organiser votre événement ? Utilisez notre service de conciergerie pour être accompagné par nos équipes dans vos recherches






< 50 m²
50 - 80 m²
80 - 120 m²
120 - 150 m²
150 - 200 m²
>200 m²


Finding a place for your ideas has never been so easy 


 La Devanture enables any individuals or organizations to rent a place for a short period of time.


We connect landlords with anyone looking for unique and inspirational spaces to sell their products or expose their art.


Setting up a pop-up store is now at your fingertips


Retail is no longer about buying products but rather it's about inspiring and providing a comprehensive experience to your clients.


With La Devanture, anyone can book a pop-up store at their fingertips, engage with their customers and create memorable events for their followers.


On the other side, we offer landlords the opportunity to generate an additional source of revenue and increase foot traffic by renting their space for a short period of time.


We want to empower anyone to open a pop-up shop to showcase their ideas and generate more business, while also creating value for landlords by maximizing their use rates.


Our prices are inclusive. What you see is what you pay, no fee is added to the price displayed.



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